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5 Tips For User-Friendly Website Design

  • By websmart
  • June 14, 2021

Currently, if you are running a business, it is essential to have a website. No matter what your business category is, the website makes you visible over the internet and helps in better marketing. Today when we see more than 90% of businesses are moving to the online platform, so in that case, you cannot neglect the importance of a user-friendly website. But many website owners don’t get business leads through their website. The website’s lack of revenue and calls occurs because there might be issues in website design, structure, and layout. You need to make your website a search engine and user-friendly. Here are 5 methods that help in making your website user friendly:-

 Instinctive and Coherent Navigation

It will help if you make your website navigation logical and simple. Users don’t have to struggle to find different pages of the website. The website must respond to what your users expect. However, you don’t consider creating your own navigation. In fact, if you elaborate on how to utilize it, most users will take it as an intelligent step to learn. A precise navigation menu must be clear and easy to use with to-the-point links. If there are multiple URLs, a mega menu and drop-down menu are better. By doing this way, website visitors will be effortlessly navigating the website and search what they need.

Integrate CTAs in the website 

It is essential to incorporate calls to action on your website so that website visitors can connect with you. A strong CTAs in the website enables your website users to sign up or buy your services. They might choose subscription and newsletter by navigating to the call to action features. You can consider different payment processing websites, as they pay attention to CTA features. They highlight a call to action button, and when users click on the buttons, it will navigate them to the pop-up, which simply states “register or signup. It is also essential to have an accurate position of the CTAs button. Generally, it is ideal for keeping CTA options above the fold and important details below. This enables users to search the button easily and navigate to the signup page.

Search Box Feature 

It is vital to create a search box on the website to make it user-friendly. It should be placed at the above right-hand corner of every web page. Website visitors welcome this as it saves a lot of time. Additionally, users will use a search box within your site if they don’t trace what they are searching for, especially when they are clueless about finding things utilizing a navigation system.   

Improve Website Loading Speed 

A prominent study says that you will lose nearly 60% of your potential users if your website takes more than 5 seconds. According to the search engine algorithm, the website must be loaded within 3 seconds and less than that. 

No users will like to wait for a long time to see your website loading. Moreover, mobile users expect website loading within 2 seconds. Otherwise, they will find other options. The loading speed of the website matters a lot for ranking and web traffic. You can check the check website speed through different online tools, including Google Page Speed Insights and Pingdom. You need to check the server’s speed and compress images to improve speed.

The website must be visually attractive. 

You need to select a website layout and theme that is compatible with your target audiences. A visually appealing website naturally gains the attention of your potential visitors. Hire a credible website design company in Delhi NCR to make your website user-friendly and visually appealing. A smooth user interface is also significant to create a website user friendly.

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